Reviews from Yelp

 6/19/17: "Bob has been taking care of our pool and spa for the past 14 years.  He is always available for any questions and since we also have a salt water pool, he is able to change the "catalyst charger" for this salt water system when it's needed.  He is always reliable and never misses a week.  When he is on vacation, he always drops us a note and let us know who will be filling in for him when he is gone.  Nothing be great things to say about Bob." Ken B Camarillo

6/27/17: "Having been very disappointed by our last 3 pool guys, I knew I wanted to find a real professional who knew what he was doing.  I interviewed 3 guys, including Bob.  I was not only impressed by his extensive knowledge on pool care, but also by his professionalism.  He actually provided a written contract of everything that we could expect of him, and has stuck to it!  No more pool guy who you can never be sure whether or not he actually showed on his scheduled day.  Bob has missed one day in the last year to take a vacation, and he made sure we knew he couldn't make it.  Love him.  You will, too!" Alicia D

6/8/17: "Bob has been servicing our pool for over 10 years, and his work is excellent.  I highly recommend him to anyone considering professional pool service." Richard M

6/7/17: "Bob is very friendly and professional.  I've been working with him for about a year and he's excellent at what he does.  I would definitely recommend him to friends and family." Kevin M

6/14/17: "Bob has been servicing my pool for 14 years!  I found him at that time during a heavy rain storm. I was scared thinking my pool was going to overflow and flood my house. I called every service listed and he was the only one who called me back and came to my rescue.   He is reliable, knowledgeable, and a likable guy. His charges are reasonable and he never recommends something that doesn't really need to be done. I couldn't be happier." Terri J


Reviews we received via email

"We moved to California from the East Coast and didn’t know the first thing about owning a pool.  Bob showed us how it all worked and then he kept it in excellent condition with his weekly visits.  Thanks for making us happy pool owners!" D.L., Westlake Village

"Bob began cleaning our pool in 2002.  Bob is dependable, reliable and highly competent.  He does an outstanding job maintaining our pool, and I never have to worry about a thing." Chuck Berman

"For 8 years you have serviced our pool and hopefully for another 8 years to come. Lucas, our little Maltese always looks forward to the gate closing and your presence twice a week. You’re like family. We enjoy our little conversations from time to time as you clean our pool. Thank you for your good service and your friendship." Dr. Barke, Pauline & Lucas

"Bob, for the past five years you have kept my “vintage” 50′s-era pool in pristine condition, troubleshooting and communicating to me…you have been reliable and thorough, qualities especially appreciated by a senior like me." R.A., Oxnard